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MLB Upcoming Games Betting Predictions And Previews

MLB Upcoming Games Betting Predictions And Previews

The spring season is drawing to a close, but with plenty of top-notch matchups to sink your teeth into, it couldn't be a better time to back your favorite team. Read on to find out which teams will be hitting it out of the park this week and who’ll be hoping their loss doesn’t affect the regular season coming up.

New York Mets vs. Washington Nationals 

The Mets are a team for rivals to be wary of as they’ve had great success in recent games at the end of last season. They were stomping all over Atlanta throughout last September and beating the Hurricanes 10-3 before Miami got their revenge shortly afterward. 

This time the Mets and the Nationals face a nail-biting tie-breaker, but the Mets have some superstar players returning to the field after injuries that could make all the difference. Betances has made his return after an Achilles injury, but Lugo faces distraction from fracturing his toe in a mysterious hotel injury. 

The Nationals are not backing down and are the fan favorites to win at 63%. With a batting average twice as good as the Mets they’re in with an excellent chance. Washington declined an offer for a trade package deal that would have seen them taking on third baseman Kris Bryant, keeping a wise grip of Carter Kieboom, Luis Garcia, and Jackson Rutledge instead. 

If you haven't seen the Nationals contribution to Valentine’s day yet, do your self a favor and take a look at how they roasted their MLB rivals. We’re not sure this proves they have their head in the game, however!

Our prediction

We're going with the fans here - Nationals to seal an absolute landslide victory

Baltimore Orioles vs. Philadelphia Phillies

Another matchup that boils down to a tie-breaker. The Orioles and Phillies face off this week to see who has a better standing for the regular season. The Orioles are unpredictable and thrilling to watch and that keeps their fans guessing until the very end.

Statistically, they’re bottom league in comparison to some teams that they have defeated last year, such as the Red Sox. The Phillies have struggled to keep on top of this team during their previous two meetings. 

The Orioles are currently dealing with one of their players, Chris Davis, falling unexpectedly ill and missing squad-workouts. They’re hopeful that his illness won't spread to the other players. A team full of the flu is not a winning team, after all.

The Phillies are plagued with injuries, with many players still questionable for the start of the season. This, however, does not seem to stop them from being projected 85 wins and a whopping 82% victory percentages as predicted by fans.

Our prediction

We're backing the underdog here. Orioles to take this one by a whisker.

The Verdict 

That’s it for this week's MLB predictions and updates. Both matchups are set to be a competition of will and determination to take the lead. Make sure you don't miss all the news and action right here on our

MLB predictions page. 

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