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MLB Upcoming Games Betting Predictions Preview

MLB Upcoming Games Betting Predictions Preview

The MLB is coming soon, but before it starts, we still have the Spring training to whet our appetites. This coming weekend sees the beginning of the games the teams use to shape up for the long season ahead. Let’s take a look at the two games we’ve chosen to preview and predict for you this weekend. 

Yankees vs. Blue Jays

The Yankees have it all to do this coming season, and as arguably the most renowned baseball team on the planet, the pressure is on them to go further this year. Their absence on baseball’s biggest stage in 2019 was a huge blow, and they’ll want to show it was a blip from the outset. 

We expect them to have a good season, but there are so many other teams out there with the potential to go far that it could be another year without a World Series appearance. 

The Blue Jays and their fans will still be recovering from the shock of losing one of their legends this week. Tony Fernandez will forever be remembered, and our thoughts go out to his family after his death this week at only 57 years of age. 

The Blue Jays will want to send their love and respect through a decent performance in this one, and playing against a team like the Yankees gives them the opportunity. They’ll want this season to be a strong showing, and they could do with some of the heart Fernandez always showed when he appeared for Toronto. 

Giants vs. Dodgers

The Giants had a poor season last year in the MLB by their standards, and this year will be the one where we find out if that was a temporary slip or a sign of things to come. The last decade has been one of the most successful of any franchise in the MLB, and with that comes above average expectations. 

The season ahead could go either way, and the Giants are one of those teams you can find value in the odds for if you watch closely. Everyone will be waiting to see how they start Spring training in this first game. 

The Dodgers had high hopes last season, but they were dashed in the blink of an eye by the Nationals. They were left wondering what could have been as their victors went on to seal the World Series crown dominantly. 

Plenty of eyes will be on the Dodgers to see how they can bounce back and go two steps further this season in the MLB. They’re one of the early favorites to make it, but the Dodgers will have to make the most of Spring training to give themselves a chance. 

Looking Ahead

That’s all we have for this week’s MLB predictions and upcoming games preview. Join us again as the Spring training unfolds and get yourselves ready for the MLB season starting on March 26th. Check back for regular updates from all around the MLB


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