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MLB Upcoming Preseason Games Betting Predictions

MLB Upcoming Preseason Games Betting Predictions

The preseason is underway, and it has a lot to offer MLB fans, with some of the best teams going head-to-head and playing all-out for victory. This preseason is shaping up to be one of the most exciting ever, with surprises around every corner. The teams have worked tirelessly and hope to come out on top ahead of the regular season. Where will your favorite team stand when it all comes to an end? 

Let's take a more in-depth look at two games coming to your screen.

Marlins vs. Astros

The Miami Marlins have hit the preseason running with back to back wins over the past week, defeating their last opponents New York 3-1.  They currently hold the lead over the Astros when they met this week also, leaving the ballpark proud with a 7-4 victory.

Statistically speaking, the Marlins are nowhere near as good a team as they are playing. The Astros were definitely taken by surprise by their strength as they trump the Marlins in every area of the stats boards. 

The Astros, on the other hand, are having a tough time keeping a handle on their performance, with more losses than wins and the occasional draw this week. 

Their most recent match against Washington saw fans on either side leave the stadium more than a little disappointed at the overall score of 5-5. 

Our prediction

Marlins to make a home run and defeat the Astros in a landslide victory 

Pirates vs. Phillies

The Pittsburgh Pirates are strapping up their cleats and dusting off yet another loss this preseason. Baltimore walked all over them during their last game with a crushing score of 13-0.

It's been a tough and disappointing ride so far for Pirates fans. After the Philadelphia Phillies defeated them 6-2 during their last meeting, they need to shape up, and quick, before the preseason is over for them. 

It doesn't help the Pirates chances that superstar starting pitcher is on 60-day injury leave from elbow surgery, leaving the Pirates short of the power they need to get through this uphill battle amongst the greats. 

The Phillies, on the other hand, are proving themselves as a force to be reckoned with going into the regular season with only one loss and a draw amongst their victories. They also have a pitcher off of the field for 60 days due to elbow surgery, but as a relief pitcher, David Robertson doesn't seem to be missed that much by the team.


Our prediction

Phillies to add another win to their schedule

The Verdict 

That rounds up this week's edition of  MLB predictions and updates. Both matchups are sure to give you the action-packed games you've been waiting for. Hopefully, the underdogs will have a little luck on their side, and not get left in the dirt. Stay put and don't miss any of the action by following your favorite teams this preseason

, right here. 

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