MLB World Series News, Predictions & Updates

MLB World Series News, Predictions & Updates

What a season it has been so far in the MLB, and we still have one more series to immerse ourselves in before the year is out. This World Series sees the two teams that have jumped over every hurdle in their path to make it to this stage.

Yankees fans would have expected to be here, but it turns out they could not get past the mighty Astros. The Nationals have made it this year for the first time in their history. These teams will face each other for the World Series crown, and we can’t wait for it all to get started.

It’s not going to be easy to call a winner, and there will be twists and turns to come on the road to glory. Who can put in the performance of a life-time and take their team to the promised land? Let’s take a look at the path these two giants of baseball followed to make it to the World Series.

Houston Astros: Road to World Series

Winning 107 of their games and losing 55, the Astros stormed to victory in AL West Division. They finished with a PCT of .660, winning 8 of their last ten games in the regular season. That flying finish set them up for a Division Series clash with the Tampa Bay Rays.

Division Series

It couldn’t have started better for the Astros as they won the first game 6-2 at Minute Maid Park, putting in a dominant display. Game two, also at home, was much tighter with the Astros taking a 2-0 series lead after two spectacular runs from third baseman Alex Bregman. That made the final score of that game 3-1 to the Astros.

In game three, the Astros suffered a shocking defeat on the road, going down 10-3 to a resurgent Rays team. The series was then tied 2-2 after another fantastic Rays performance. That game ended 4-1 leaving the deciding match open with everything to play for. Back on home ground, the Astros did not disappoint, winning 6-1 to set up a League Championship Series meeting with the world-renowned Yankees.

League Championship Series

The first game was a disastrous 7-0 loss for the Astros. It looked like the second game was going that way too before they pulled it back to a 3-2 win. The Astros traveled to New York with the series tied needing a big performance. They duly delivered, beating the Yankees in their own back yard with a massive 4-1 win to take a 2-1 lead in the series.

Game four was then postponed due to the rain, but in game five, the Astros managed to win again, 8-3, making it 3-1 in the Series. The Astros lost the last game in New York, but it didn’t matter as they took a 6-4 victory in front of home support to make the World Series for the first time since losing on that stage in 2005.

Washington Nationals: Road to World Series

The Nationals clinched the Wild Card spot in the NL East after an incredible run of nine wins from their last ten games in the regular season. That took them to 93 wins for the campaign and a PCT of .574 going into the Divisional Series against the LA Dodgers.

Division Series

The Nationals Division Series started similarly to their opposition, with a whitewash defeat by six runs in LA. They went on to put in a fantastic performance in the second game at the Dodger Stadium, winning 4-2 and taking the series to 1-1. You could tell this series was going to the wire after the third game. The Dodgers dominated despite being a long way from home, scoring ten runs to the Nationals four.

The next game switched things up again, with Nationals shortstop Trea Turner putting in two runs on the way to a 6-1 thumping. That set up a final contest for the series in front of the Nationals home crowd. The fans went into raptures after a stunning 7-4 win to make the League Championship Series.

League Championship Series

This series designed to last seven games was over in four as the Nationals humiliated the Cardinals. Game one wasn’t the most enthralling of encounters and ended 2-0 in favor of the away side. The second game ended much like the first, this time with a 3-1 to the Nationals scoreline. That result left the mouthwatering prospect of two home games to clinch a place in the World Series and a historic whitewash series victory for the Nationals.

An 8-1 pounding was precisely what they were looking for with both Howie Kendrick and Victor Robles scoring two runs apiece. The atmosphere at the Nationals Park for the fourth game was unbelievable as their side faced the chance to make the World Series for the first time in their history. They did not disappoint and claimed their spot after another fantastic display winning the game 7-4.

Houston Astros vs. Washington Nationals

The Astros need to keep their level at home to put the pressure on the Nationals from the outset. Their playoff form at home has been outstanding with a record of five wins and one defeat. They have made the postseason in four of the last five seasons, and this time they have to make it count with a victory.

It’s the first time at this stage for the Nationals, despite regularly making the playoffs in recent seasons. They have a lot to prove and come into this game as slight underdogs, but they do have the advantage of more rest after wrapping up the League Championship Series with only four games played.

MLB World Series Predictions     

So it’s time for the predictions. The form across the season, of course, has an impact. At this stage, it’s all about who can hold their nerve. We have gone with the Nationals to win game one and the Astros to take the world series glory. Our predicted series scoreline is 4-2 to the Nationals. Be sure to tune in to all the action this next week and a half. It’s going to be one not to miss out on baseball fans.

Houston Nations to win the MLB World Series- -215

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