According to reports, the Red Sox have designated right-handed pitcher Dinelson Lamet for assignment in a sequence of roster adjustments.

This move made way for the inclusion of experienced right-handed pitcher Kyle Barraclough, who will be promoted from Triple-A Worcester.

Alongside this change, the team is preparing to summon left-handed pitcher Brandon Walter from Worcester, concurrently sending right-handed pitcher Nick Robertson to the same location.

Lamet's bumpy road

Lamet's recent designation adds to the downturn in the pitcher's career. Making his MLB debut with the San Diego Padres in 2017, Lamet initially rose to prominence. Yet, Lamet's tenure on the major league roster of Boston is poised to be exceedingly short-lived.

The 31-year-old, who previously played for the Padres and Colorado Rockies, was just added to the Majors a few days ago. In the single game he participated in, he conceded three runs from three hits and a walk, managing one strikeout while delivering a wild pitch, all within a two-inning effort.

In 2020, Lamet secured a fourth-place position in the Cy Young voting during his tenure with the Padres. Unfortunately, his ability to sustain top-tier performance was hindered by injuries. From that point onward, he has experienced a biceps strain, a UCL sprain, inflammation in the forearm and a hip injury that demanded a "cleanup" procedure.

He became a member of the Milwaukee Brewers as part of the Josh Hader trade in the same year, but his time with the team was short as he was subsequently let go.

Shortly after, the Rockies brought him on board and retained him in their roster for the rest of the year. He stayed with the Rockies as the next season began, but he was released after a recent series of lackluster performances in June.

The Red Sox signed him shortly after his release from the Rockies. After recording a 3.72 ERA and 16 strikeouts in Worcester, he was called up to the major league team on Monday.

His debut against the Kansas City Royals on Tuesday was disappointing, with Lamet allowing four hits and three earned runs in two innings for a 13.50 ERA.

Barraclough's steady path

Unlike his predecessor, Barraclough's career has displayed a more consistent trajectory, albeit with its own mix of successes and challenges.

He entered the major leagues in 2015, concluding the year with a 2.56 ERA over 24.0 innings pitched. Throughout his time with the Miami Marlins, he maintained a 2.87 ERA and a 1.29 WHIP across 163 innings thrown, and he even took on the role of the team's closer in 2018.

The Red Sox have been testing Barraclough as a starter in Worcester, yielding positive results. Of his eight appearances post-signing from the Independent Atlantic League, he started seven times and produced a 2.57 ERA across 42 innings.

His strikeout rate dropped to 17.8 percent, while walks persisted at 11.9 percent. Analysts say that the Red Sox choosing Barraclough over Lamet could stem from his potential or the need for an extra arm after Kutter Crawford's early exit in a recent game. Lamet and Robertson combined for five innings in response.