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NBA Betting Tips

Bet Today USA’s NBA betting tips section allows you to make informed decisions on your wagering selections. Our expert tipsters thoroughly examine the latest results and form book in basketball to identify the best NBA bets.

With typically an NBA season comprising of 82 games per team, there are literally thousands of opportunities to bet on the NBA. That is why it’s always a great idea to check out NBA betting tips ahead of the games. Our NBA experts take into consideration form, stats and other factors that the general NBA fan may not see.

NBA Betting Predictions

Whilst nobody has a crystal ball, our team of NBA betting experts will make their NBA predictions based on what has happened previously, how well a team travels, is a franchise suffering from key injury problems?, historical data etc. So you know that every NBA betting prediction we make is backed up by facts.

NBA Picks Against The Spread

One of the most popular NBA wagering options for fans is betting against the spread. The spread is a + or – handicap allocated to a particular team in a basketball match. The favourite will always have a minus handicap/spread, while the underdog will always have a positive handicap/spread. Our NBA picks against the spread will always have thoughtful and factual reasoning, which will allow you to jump in on the NBA betting action with confidence.

Free NBA Moneyline Predictions

The moneyline betting option in sport (and basketball), is simply predicting the winner of a game. Often you will find very small odds on favourites and the best teams like the Golden State Warriors or LA Lakers, this is simply because these teams have the greatest chance of winning and the sportsbooks know this. On the other hand you may see huge odds offered on the deemed underdog of the game, this is likely because the team is in bad form or their roster isn’t as strong as their opponents. Shocks do happen however and sometimes you can make bigger sums of profit by backing the underdog. These are the sorts of insights and NBA outsider betting tips that our team of experts will highlight, so you can make the most out of your NBA moneyline bets.

NBA Picks Over Under

This option of NBA betting is one of the more exciting ones, as you do not need to predict the winner of the game. Instead you hope for either a really high point scoring basketball game if you’ve bet on the over option, or a lower point scoring game if you’ve bet on the under option. This is a great wager if perhaps there are two closely matched teams and you wouldn’t like to predict the winner but have a feeling it will either be a free flowing attacking game or a tight affair where the defense are the stars of the show.

NBA Betting Tips Today

At BetTodayUSA we ensure you have all the latest basketball betting tips for today’s games and beyond. Whether it’s a regular season game or the intensity of an NBA playoff game, our experts will crunch the number and delve into the form to find you the best NBA betting tips.

NBA 2020/2021 Season Dates

  • December 1-5: Individual player workouts and Media Week
  • December 6-10: Team player workouts start
  • December 11-19: Preseason games
  • December 22 – March 4: NBA regular season first half
  • March 5-10: 2021 All-Star break
  • March 11-May 16: NBA regular season second half
  • May 18-21: Playoffs Play-In Tournament
  • May 22-July 22: 2021 NBA Playoffs

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