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NBA Weekly Games Review: Who Came Out on Top?

NBA Weekly Games Review: Who Came Out on Top?

Another week has passed in the NBA. With every team across the league having played ten games by the weekend, the table is beginning to shape up nicely. The Boston Celtics still hold the lead in the NBA Eastern with the four teams immediately below them having the same win-loss record. The Heat are the next hottest team in the conference. 

Look to the west and you will see the Lakers staying true to form on top of the standings. Next in the division is the Jazz, who increasingly look like the best bet to catch this strong LA roster. Let’s dive into the results and stories that shaped the week. 

Lakers Leave it Late

The Lakers left it right to the last minutes to come back with a victory over the Phoenix Suns after that damaging loss to the Raptors earlier in the week. The Suns had the lead in the first quarter but thanks to the performance of Anthony Davis, scoring 24 points and twelve rebounds, they got the win they undoubtedly needed by 123-115. 

Next up for the Lakers are the Warriors in a tricky game we see them winning. The Suns should also take a victory when they face the Hawks. 

Our prediction

LA Lakers to edge past a tricky Golden State Warriors side and Phoenix Suns to beat the Hawks next time out

Jazz Makes a Comeback

It looked like this game would go the other way for much of the first three periods, until the Jazz made a stunning comeback and turned it around in a frantic fourth. Thirty-five points in that last quarter stunned our NBA betting markets and were enough to win this thrilling matchup as it ended 119-114 in their favor over the Nets. Whilst this result might sting now, Brooklyn can take some positives as, if it weren’t for Donovan Mitchell putting on a stunning late show, they would have won it. 

The Jazz will face off against the Grizzlies in the next round of fixtures and we see them winning. The Nets will lose next time out as they

come up against the Nuggets.

Our prediction

Utah Jazz to beat the Memphis Grizzlies and Brooklyn Nets to lose next time out to the Denver Nuggets

Celtics Stay on Point

If you want to find the best record in the NBA this season, then look no further than Boston. The Celtics are going from strength to strength at the moment and building some serious momentum, with this win being their eighth on the trot and easily marking them out as a true NBA favourite in our markets. However, it could have been another story had the threatening performance level of their opponents, the Mavericks, in the second period been sustained. Ultimately, it didn’t and the rest is history with the final score on the board reading 116-106 to the Celtics, keeping them firmly at the top of the current markets. 

Upcoming for the Celtics is a game they should have no problem winning as they play the Wizards. For the Mavericks, it’s the Knicks where a win would put them back in contention in the NBA Western.

Our prediction

Boston Celtics to easily beat the Washington Wizards and Dallas Mavericks to edge the win against the New York Knicks

Heat Turn it Up

This was a game done and dusted at the half-way point for the Pistons as Miami fired on all cylinders and put themselves in the driving seat. Jimmy Butler and Kendrick Nunn both put in 20 points for their team, with Butler also pulling the strings with 13 assists across the match. After that 117-108 loss, the Pistons now face the challenging prospect of rebuilding. They must get something from the next game or their NBA season is already over. 

The Heat will face the Cavaliers next, and we are backing them in that one. For the Pistons it’s the Hornets, and we can’t see them taking a win there. 

Our prediction

Miami Heat to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers next time out and Detroit Pistons to lose up against the Charlotte Hornets

Bucks Bounce Back

It was a much-needed win for the Bucks as they bid to keep up the pressure at the top of the NBA Eastern. The loss against the Jazz hurt, but bouncing back with this massive win over the Thunder is just what the doctor ordered. The scoreline in the end was tighter than what the Bucks would have liked, with only three points separating the sides at 119-121, however results are what matter and the Bucks saw out the win.

The Thunder face the 76ers in the weekend game, and we will have our money on them to win it. For the Bucks, it’s another game they will hope to get something from, in the form of the Chicago Bulls.

Our prediction

Oklahoma City Thunder to beat the Philadelphia 76ers next time out, with the Milwaukee Bucks just edging out the Chicago Bulls

That’s the News

That’s all we have for you this week in the games we saw across the NBA. This weekend is going to be another rammed fixture list for you to enjoy, with Bet Today USA being the only place you need to visit to keep up with all the action. We will be back before then with our in-depth previews, predictions and tips for the most significant games in the lineup. Make sure you join us again for that one. 

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