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Suns vs Nuggets, Warriors v Lakers - NBA Betting Predictions

Suns vs Nuggets, Warriors v Lakers - NBA Betting Predictions

What a season it’s been so far in the NBA. There’s so much more still to come for all you basketball fans out there. This weekend sees some top-quality basketball on offer, and we’ve got our top picks for who to back in two of the most significant clashes. Let’s get started on our two picks of the bunch. 

Suns vs. Nuggets

The Suns have managed just three wins out of the last ten games, and the worst appearance in that list was the dismal showing against the Nets. Fans of Phoenix wouldn’t have expected to be so far down in the standings at this stage of the NBA season, and although they were never expected to win anything of significance this year, it’s still unexpectedly weak overall. Their offensive gameplay has been decent, but they are far too open in defense and get punished for it far too often.

Flying up in the third spot of the NBA Western is the Nuggets, and what a game they had last time when they faced the Jazz. It could have gone either way, but the Nuggets sealed their seventh win out of the last ten games played by 98-95. That game was about as tight as it gets, and this one should be much more routine for Denver. The fans and players will be hoping they don’t slip up and lose momentum as they did against the Grizzlies at the end of January. 

Our prediction

Nuggets to win convincingly against poor Suns

Warriors vs. Lakers

It’s all Los Angeles in the top two places in the NBA Western standings as we enter the last quarter of the season, and the Lakers are holding off the Clippers. That’s even though the Lakers have been nowhere near their best during the previous ten games slipping to four defeats. A month or so ago, the Lakers looked unstoppable, but in recent weeks they’ve regressed and opened the door to the Clippers catching them at the top. They need to find form again and fast.

The Warriors season was written off a long time ago, and it couldn’t get much worse. They’ve won less and lost more games than any team in either conference. Although they have tasted victory in some shock successes this season, it’s not likely to happen against the Lakers. We’ve got this matchup down as an almost certainty. Our money is firmly backing the Lakers to win by 20+ points.

Our prediction

Lakers to win by more than 20 points

The Verdict

That’s it for this weekend, and we can’t wait to come back again next week with more from the world’s best basketball league. The NBA has some excellent value for bettors, and this weekend sees some top matchups. Make sure you check in with us next week for more NBA picks and predictions and check out this handy

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