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Game Week 10 in the NFL - News & Predictions

Game Week 10 in the NFL - News & Predictions

Welcome back to this week’s NFL news and predictions for the biggest matches coming this Sunday. The first game on our list this week is a battle in the toughest division of the whole NFL.

The 49ers will try to maintain their perfect record when they face the Seattle Seahawks. Next on our list for this week in the NFL sees the Packers try to bounce back from their last defeat, as they take on the Panthers.

The third game I hear you ask? It’s none other than the Cowboys who host the Vikings. Last, but by no means least this weekend, is an intriguing clash between the Bengals and the Ravens. Let’s get into those games and the predicted outcomes now.

San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks

The 49ers had a close call last time out but managed to maintain their one hundred percent record for the season so far in the NFL. This game will be the most significant test of their SuperBowl credentials so far this season.

When the two giants of the NFC West Division meet, you know there will be fireworks. It’s the most competitive group in the NFL, but we think the 49ers have it all to do despite being unbeaten at this point.

The reason for that is their opposition. The Seahawks may have lost two out of nine so far this NFL season, but they have a man in Russell Wilson that can turn a whole game on its head.

Add to that the pressure that going unbeaten brings, and we can see the Seahawks spoiling the sheets of the 49ers on Sunday. It is the kind of game that could go either way. The question is, can the San Francisco boys make it nine in a row?

Prediction: This was not an easy call, but we decided on the Seahawks

Green Bay Packers vs. Carolina Panthers

Well, the last game we saw from the Packers was a surprise for everyone watching. Before that game, they looked pretty hot, and nobody called a loss as they faced the Chargers.

Granted, it was a road game, but they were completely shut down and only managed to score eleven points. They are still leading their division with a season 7-2, and a dominant performance here would bring smiles back to Green Bay.

The Panthers are on a 5-3, and their fans should be satisfied, if not ecstatic, about the resurgence this year in the NFL. They were hit hard with the news about QB Cam Newton, and it looks like he will be out of action for a long time.

He was looking like leaving anyway, but it is a massive blow for Carolina. The best hope is that Green Bay channel their reaction to the last defeat into another game.

Prediction: Packers to win this one with a resilient display of force

Dallas Cowboys vs. Minnesota Vikings

If you take a look at the NFC East, you will see the Cowboys on the summit after nine games in the NFL this season. It may not be the strongest division in the NFL, but anything can happen in the postseason, so the Cowboys will be satisfied with their lot.

Last time out, they recorded a comfortable win over the Giants, and even a rogue cat on the field of play couldn’t throw them off in that game. Let’s see if they can carry that form into this one.

Chasing down the Packers is all that is on the minds of the Vikings at this stage after their strong start put them up to second position in the NFC North. The last game against the Chiefs ended in the narrowest of defeats, and there would not be a better time to bounce back.

Matt Moore seriously needs to pull his socks up and start scoring for his team. It would be hard to lay the blame entirely at his feet as the defense has been less than convincing all season.

Prediction: Cowboys will have more than enough to take the win in this game

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Baltimore Ravens

The whipping boys of the NFL return home without much hope of a warm welcome. Eight games and eight defeats speak louder than any preview could about their chances in this match.

It’s about to get worse for them against the Ravens. This NFL season could not be over soon enough for Cincinnati. Their last win came in game 2 of the preseason.

The Ravens are at a crossroads, and the timing of this game could not be better. They are 6-2 for the season, and last time out against the then-undefeated Patriots, it was a slaughter.

Baltimore is a team with its head screwed on right, and this should be another walkover. Complacency must be avoided as always, but even with a handicap option, this bet is a safe one.

Prediction: Ravens to win by more than 15 points, that’s where our money is anyway

Touch Down

We told you this week was going to be a massive one in the NFL. The 49ers are the only team that remains undefeated, and the Bengals are the only one without a win. Will that all change this weekend? Only one way to find out. Sit down, tune in, and enjoy the Football NFL fans.

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