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Indiana Sports Fan Wins $72,795 Payout from $5 Parlay

Indiana Sports Fan Wins $72,795 Payout from $5 Parlay

A sports bettor in Indiana landed a “life-changing” payout after nailing a $5 NFL parlay at cumulative odds of +1455900 last weekend.

Cameron Craig, a Cincinnati Bengals fan from Rushville, made four predictions on the divisional round games.

He went for Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs to score the first touchdown in their game against the Jaguars.

Craig also predicted that Dallas Goedert would score the first TD in the game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants, and that Ja’Marr Chase would score first for his beloved Bengals against the Bills.

Finally, he went for Dalton Schultz to be the first touchdown scorer in the game between the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers.

Kelce was priced at +600, Goedert was +1200, Chase was +900 and Schultz was +1500, resulting in the huge cumulative payout.

Kelce opened the scoring against the Jags, while Goedert and Chase also delivered for Craig in their games.

It all came down to the Cowboys at the 49ers, and Schultz finally breached the stout San Francisco defense to score the first TD of the game.

DraftKings offered Craig an early payout of $1,393.56 to exit the bet after the first three legs paid off, but he decided to let it ride.

He recorded himself jumping for joy after Schultz scored. “My loans are now paid off and I’m debt free,” said Craig, branding it a “life-changing” win.


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