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In this analysis, we delve into Michigan RB Blake Corum's scouting report in preparation for the 2024 NFL draft and potential fit with the Minnesota Vikings.

To address their key requirements, the Vikings' draft strategy will focus on the quarterback position, running backs, defensive line, edge rushers, and wide receivers.

With nine picks available, the team will need to make the most of their selections.

In this story, we focus on a prospect who could potentially fill a void at the running back position.

Corum's stats: 675 rush attempts, 3,737 rushing yards, 58 touchdowns, 67 targets, 55 receptions, 413 receiving yards

Games Analyzed: Penn State (2023), Ohio State (2023), Minnesota (2023)

Savvy Running Style

Corum showcases impressive vision and decision-making abilities as a runner.

He reads his blockers and is patient enough to wait for the open hole so he can take advantage of it and burst through it.

When defenders close in, Corum is quick to change directions and find an open space, making him a formidable threat on the field.

With his keen awareness of his blockers, Corum consistently takes full advantage of available running lanes.

His ability to read developing situations makes him an effective runner.

Size, Athleticism, and Injury History

Standing at 5'8", Corum may not fit the typical mold for a top-tier running back.

His athletic abilities are also somewhat limited. Despite having some burst at the line of scrimmage, he has average long speed and the tendency to lose steam in an open space.

Corum lacks the power to break tackles with ease and struggles with durability concerns, potentially limiting his effectiveness in the NFL.

Missing Michigan's playoff run in 2022 due to a torn meniscus, Corum's injury history could impact his draft stock as he enters the league at age 24.

Evaluating Corum's Fit with the Vikings

Before the draft begins, the Vikings must assess Corum's skills and drawbacks compared to potential other picks to decide if he is worth selecting.

Grade: 74.6/100, projected as a fourth-round pick

Despite his impressive production at Michigan, Corum's limitations – including natural athleticism, age, and injury history – may result in him being drafted on day three.

With the team focusing on addressing their major needs, it's crucial to consider how Corum's strengths and weaknesses align with the Vikings' roster and strategy.

He will be 24 at the start of the 2024 season and missed the Wolverines playoff run in 2022 with a torn meniscus that he tried to play through.

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If the Vikings believe that Corum can contribute effectively in a complementary role, he could be an intriguing option for the team as they aim to strengthen their backfield.

Given his unique running style and potential contributions, Corum's addition could bring excitement to the Minnesota Vikings' offense and help address some of their pressing needs.

Final Thoughts on Blake Corum's Fit with the Vikings

As the 2024 NFL draft approaches, it will be essential for the Minnesota Vikings to carefully consider all available options, including Michigan RB Blake Corum and his potential impact on their team.

Although Corum may not be a home run threat or a power runner, his vision, quickness, and open field agility make him an intriguing prospect for teams looking to add depth to their roster.

With a keen understanding of Corum's strengths, weaknesses, and overall fit within the team, the Vikings can make an informed decision that addresses their needs and sets them up for success in the upcoming season.

As the excitement of the draft unfolds, the Minnesota Vikings would have to be careful in weighing the pros and cons of drafting Corum, whose potential contributions must be viewed vis-a-vis his various limitations.