NFL Game Week 9 Preview - News & Betting Predictions

Game week 8 was another top weekend’s football, and the upcoming games look to be at least as entertaining, if not more so. We have scanned the fixtures list, scratched our heads and come up with the top four games this weekend. Of course, predictions are par for the course so we will be giving out a few of those for you to take advantage of as always.

The games we have selected this week come at a time where we can see who is looking likely to make the postseason. Game one on our list is the 49ers, who aim to maintain their one-hundred percent record when they face the Cardinals in Phoenix.

Next up, we will preview the Chargers at home against the Packers. Finally, it’s the Ravens who host the current Superbowl Champions, the Patriots, in what should be a game to remember if both teams show up. That one is not to be missed, so be warned.

Arizona Cardinals vs. San Francisco 49ers

The Cardinals had a good game last week against the Saints despite losing the game. They looked solid if not impressive but will need much more than that to inflict the first defeat of the season on the 49ers.

Kyler Murray will be hoping he can find some holes in that 49ers defense and if they have an off day he could cause some damage for the Cardinals. He has put in seven touchdown passes and completed 64.8% overall.

The 49ers were completely dominant last time out in both the offense and the defense. That 51-13 demolition of the Panthers will strike fear into the Cardinals players and fans alike. Their record of 7-0 is the first time the 49ers have ever managed that kind of start to an NFL season.

This game is another chance to build on that, and if Tevin Coleman can play anywhere close to his level in week 7, the Cardinals will be in serious trouble. He has been on superb form over the last few weeks.

Prediction: 49ers to continue their winning run with another victory here

LA Chargers vs. Green Bay Packers

The Chargers will be hoping the long trip over will have an impact on the Packers in this game. They have lost six out of seven previous meetings with the Packers, albeit before they moved to their new LA-based home.

A win against the Bears in week 8 was an excellent result, and they will be looking to build on that showing. It was a surprise and the result came in no small part down to the field goal miss from Eddy Pineiro. Will they be so lucky this week?

The Packers are in as good form as anyone else in the NFL at this stage. They come into this game with an impressive season record of 7-1, which can only be bettered by the 49ers at this stage.

Aaron Rodgers will be looking at this game and rubbing his hands together. Yes, the Chargers beat the Bears, but the Packers are an entirely different beast. We can see the Green Bay boys adding another victory to this season’s record.

Prediction: Packers to take the win in this one and are the clear favorites

Baltimore Ravens vs. New England Patriots

The Ravens have had a fantastic season so far this year in the NFL. They will be fresh coming off a bye week, and the Patriots have not faced a challenge of this magnitude this season. It is unlikely they will ever have a better chance of beating the Patriots, particularly with that home-field advantage.

Their record for the season sees them at 5-2, and the Ravens are on a three-game winning streak. If they can play the sort of game that saw them overcome the Seahawks, we could see something of an upset this weekend.

The Patriots come into this game with everything to play for. The opportunity for an undefeated regular season once again is very much on the table. This will be the biggest test, and if they can overcome this solid Ravens team, they will likely go on to the playoffs without a defeat on their record.

The only close call of the season for the Patriots was against Buffalo, and they have won most games by two or more touchdowns. We still think this will be a challenge that could go either way, and our prediction is for an upset here.

Prediction: Ravens to edge this one out and take a historic victory 

The Verdict

That’s it for the news, updates, and NFL predictions for the three most significant games in the NFL this coming weekend. Be sure to keep an eye out for any offers or odds of value as the weekend approaches.

You can often take advantage of a fluctuation if you keep your eye on it. Wherever you are this weekend, spare some time to sit back and enjoy some top football. Don’t miss out on the games coming up!