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NFL Predictions Game Week 6 - Betting Odds & Tips

NFL Predictions Game Week 6 - Betting Odds & Tips

NFL Predictions Game Week 6 - Betting Odds & Tips

As we approach game week six in the NFL, the stakes are high for all the teams in action. Early season form is starting to shape the divisions and the games this weekend have plenty of attraction for all you NFL fans out there. We had a few fights in the office when choosing the games this week, but our bruises have almost healed, and we are ready to share what we have for you.

First up is the battle of the strugglers, where the Dolphins meet the Redskins. Next on the list is the Browns, who play host to the Seahawks in what should be an intriguing game. Last up this time is the Rams with a home-field advantage against the high-flying 49ers in an all NFC West matchup.

Miami Dolphins vs. Washington Redskins

This battle of the bottom game is full of intrigue. Both teams have failed to win so far this season. Which team can break their run of poor performances is the question on everyone’s lips this Sunday. Can the Redskins interim coach Bill Callahan make the difference?

The Dolphins have struggled big-time. Their defense is close to the bottom of the league for every key metric so far this term. The stats don’t lie, and they are tied in 30th for sacks, 32nd for pass YPG and 31st for pass rating.

There isn’t much good news for Dolphins fans when looking at the offense either. Josh Rosen has been up and down and will need to hit the same level of form he managed in week four. If he can perform anywhere close to that career-best 89.9 rating, the Dolphins may have something to shout about.

The Redskins defense has been marginally better. Their pass YPG puts them 23rd, and there is a glimpse of light when looking at the pass rush statistics from game week 4. Tom Brady was on the receiving end of four sacks, which doubled the season total for the Redskins.

If they can harness that potential against the Dolphins side who have been turned over 9 times and allowed 18 sacks, they could be onto a winner. This game could go either way and is set to be an absorbing tie.

Prediction: The Redskins Will Take the Victory Back to Washington

Cleveland Browns vs. Seattle Seahawks

The Browns return home after a shellacking against the 49ers last time out. That left them with a 2-3 record for the season, and the stats do not look good despite the home-field advantage for this game. They have a YPG of 150+ in back to back games, and that is not good enough.

The Browns have to find some form fast, fix their gap discipline, or continue to get punished. The Seahawks are not the best opposition to face at this point, even with the crowd behind Cleveland boys. It’s looking like it could get messy.

The Seahawks have had an extended rest, with their last game over a week ago. The Seattle based team dominated the Rams last time out. They find themselves on a 4-1 record for the season so far.

The Seahawks have got some problems. Inconsistent quarter-back Mayfield has allowed far too many turnovers and needs to improve fast. They will be encouraged with the form of Russel Wilson, however, who’s running with the ball has been devastating so far this season.

Predictions: Seahawks to Win This Game With Ease

Los Angeles Rams vs. San Francisco 49ers

This is, without a doubt, the game of the weekend and is a tough one to call. The NFC West division is packed with some of the best teams in the NFL. There is no love lost between these two sides. The Rams have the home-field advantage, but the 49ers have looked superb on their travels.

The 49ers are known to refer to the home team as the lambs, and this has not gone down well. Sean Mcvay is looking to get the Rams firing again, and they have a 3-2 record so far in the NFL this season. Their offense still looks a little disorganized but is not short on talent.

Running back Todd Gurley is crucial and needs to reach his peak form sooner rather than later. The Rams know that if he can find his top-level and maintain his high number of touches, they will be a much scarier prospect. It can’t come soon enough, and there couldn’t be a better time for Gurley to shine.

The 49ers are on a 4-0 streak, and if they claim another victory here, you would expect them to go from strength to strength. George Kittle is in the kind of form that Rams fans will fear, with his rushing so far this season being second to none.

The 49ers also boast one of the best young edge rushers in the NFL in Nick Bosa. In game week 5, he managed four massive tackles and 2.0 sacks and is one to look out for. Another key player, Jimmy Garappolo, will likely have more opportunities than usual against the Rams.

Prediction: It Was a Tough Call, but We Are Backing the 49ers to Win This Game

Touch Down

That’s all we have this week NFL fans. Stick with us as the season progresses, and we will bring you all the latest news, predictions, and updates for each game week. Make sure you keep an eye on the Moneyline throughout the day as we always see fluctuations.

Why not come up with some predictions of your own and see if you can better our forecasted outcomes for the games. Happy viewing, and have a fantastic Sunday!

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