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NFL Predictions Game Week 7 - Betting Odds & Tips

NFL Predictions Game Week 7 - Betting Odds & Tips

NFL Predictions Game Week 7 - Betting Odds & Tips

We are back again with our predictions for this weekend’s NFL games. We are now in-game week 7, and after some fantastic matchups last weekend, we couldn’t be more excited about what’s about to come on our television screens this Sunday.

There were too many to choose from on the schedule, but we got there in the end. Let’s take a look at the list we decided upon now.

First up is the Seattle Seahawks as they play host to the Baltimore Ravens. Next, we head to Washington to give you the low-down on the Redskins as they take on the 49ers. The final game is Green Bay Packers taking the Oakland Raiders. It’s time for the games NFL fans.

Seattle Seahawks vs. Baltimore Ravens

The Seahawks tend to be strong at home, and they welcome the Ravens to the CenturyLink field in extreme form. Their season record is 5-1, and it is in no small part to the unbelievable performances of Quarterback Russell Wilson.

The Seahawks’ main man is looking like an early candidate for MVP in the NFL this season. In week 6, he threw two touchdowns, 295 yards, and a rating of 117.6. The most impressive part of his game so far this term has been his off-schedule plays, which look even better when you consider the Seahawks are short of decent receivers.

They also have some of the league’s best linebackers who have proven their capability in the first six games when it comes to scraping and lateral running. The only question is coach Pete Carroll who has traditionally struggled against sides with mobile QB’s.

The QB in question here is Lamar Jackson, who is on fire for the Ravens at the moment. In week 6, he completed 152 rushing yards and 16 carries. It will be more challenging for him against the Seahawks linebackers, particularly as 13 of his 16 carries were designed runs.

Nobody has been more excellent than Jackson so far, and he is one of the top QB’s in the league.

The big question is whether or not the Ravens defense can cope with Russell Wilson. If they can, this game could end in a victory on the road for the Baltimore boys. Their record is 4-2, and if they can keep up their old-style running and smashmouth style of football, they could come out of this with a win. It will be low-scoring and tight so that it could go either way.

Our prediction

Ravens to edge a very tight and low-scoring game to win

Prediction: Ravens to edge a very tight and low-scoring game to win

Washington Redskins vs. San Francisco 49ers

The Redskins play host to a strong 49ers team with everything to prove. Their current record is 1-4 for the season, and that is the tip of the iceberg. The Washington side have more than one problem, and that starts with the rush defense. This season, the Redskins are the second-worst in the NFL when it comes to YPG.

They are in 27th place with the stats showing 134.0 YPG and 21st for YPC. These aren’t the best metrics to have when facing one of the best rushing offenses in the NFL. The defense has been weak when it comes to tight ends, too, and are 24th overall.

There isn’t much hope for the Redskins pass defense either. The Redskins are close to the bottom on all metrics. They will need a miracle in the form of Terry Mclaurin to have any chance. The receiver was fantastic in Week 6, receiving the ball 4 times, running 100 yards with it, and scoring 2 touchdowns.

The 49ers have a perfect 5-0 record after a massive win against the Rams last week. They are one of the most dangerous teams in the NFL right now. Looking at the 49ers rush offense will be a scary thought for the Redskins. They are 2nd in the NFL for YPG with 179.8, and 4.5 YPC is not too shabby either.

Tight end George Kittle is playing well too, and his week 6 record of 8 received, and 103 yards speaks for itself. He is at 31 passes received and 342 yards for the season.

There is more bad news for the Redskins as the 49ers have the best pass defense in the league and strong rush defense. Jimmy Garopollo has quietly scored 7 touchdowns away, so things look good for San Francisco.

Prediction: We can’t see past a win for the 49ers here

Green Bay Packers vs. Oakland Raiders

The Packers were lucky last week to win against the Lions in game week 6. They have had a short week as a result, and their performance against the Lions involved 20 carries clocking up over 50 yards. The Packers find themselves with a 5-1 and will want that to continue on Sunday.

The Raiders are back from London after their bye week, and they travel to Green Bay looking to cause some upset. They have been running well so far this season, and their rush offense performance for 2019 is tied 7th, with 4.9 YPC in 2019. The Raiders’ pass defense was exceptional against the Bears, but this will be a whole different game.

That performance came against Chase Daniel, and the Packers have more talent than the Raiders to try and overcome. They also have the blistering form of back Josh Jacobs in their arsenal, who has a season record of 420 yards, 4 touchdowns, and 4.9 YPC. This Raiders side likes to mash teams up, and we can see this game being a tough one to call.

Prediction: The Packers will edge this one. They have too much talent for the Raiders

Final Thoughts

That’s it for this week’s football fans. Game week 7 is looking like one to remember, and we encourage you to take in as much of the action as possible. Remember to make some of your predictions and see if you can beat our experts. As always, keep your eye on the NFL Moneyline as the game approaches.

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