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NHL Predictions, News and Tips – Sunday October 20th

NHL Predictions, News and Tips – Sunday October 20th

NHL Predictions, News and Tips – Sunday October 20th

What a season it has been so far in the NHL. We have seen demolitions, upsets, and some games that could have gone either way. The best thing about it is the season is young and will only get better as we progress toward the end of the year.

The Divisions are starting to take shape, and we can begin to see who might have a chance of glory coming to the end of the campaign. So what games do we have for you this Sunday?

First up on our list this time is the Canucks, who pay a visit to the Rangers. Next on our NHL tour is the Jets as they receive the high-flying Oilers at the MTS Centre.

The third game we have previewed is the Flames, who will travel to Anaheim to face off against the Ducks. Last on the list is the encounter between the Canadiens and Minnesota Wild. Let’s get to the games right now.

Vancouver Canucks at New York Rangers

The Canucks will arrive at the Rangers with a reasonable record for the season at this point. They lost their opening two games but have bounced back by winning the following four in a row.

They had to put in a gritty performance to claim that fourth win over the Blues and their fans will want more of the same in this game despite being away from home.

The Rangers have only played four games at this point, which is partly why they are down at the bottom of the Metropolitan Division. They picked up two wins in their opening two games, only to slip to defeats to the Oilers and the Red Devils.

The former would have stung as the Red Devils are far from their best. The Rangers need something from this game to keep hopes of a good season alive.

Prediction: Canucks 2-4 Rangers

Edmonton Oilers at Winnipeg Jets

The Oilers are leading the way in the Pacific Division and lead the pack at this stage. Picking up six wins from seven games is always going to give you a decent push, and the Oilers look fantastic.

Ethan Bear is playing well in defense, and the offense is putting enough away to keep them dominant. The Edmonton side has scored freely with a total of 29 goals in the first seven games.

The Jets are just under fifty percent in terms of points returned this season. Five defeats is not a good total from nine games, and a fast improvement must be on the agenda.

The 3-1 to the Islanders stung not only because of the performance level. It also confirmed the 3rd straight loss for this team. They must recover, but it won’t be in this game.

Prediction: Oilers 5-1 Jets

Calgary Flames at Anaheim Ducks

The Flames have played eight games and suffered four defeats, one of which coming in overtime. That leaves them 4th in the Pacific Division with lots of work to do.

Results are improving, and the Flames won both of their last two outings, including a destructive win over the Red Wings, managing to score three goals in one period. More of the same would be precisely what the doctor ordered in this game.

The Ducks will be pleased with their return of five wins and two losses from seven games played so far this term. They haven’t been all that great in the offense, but with a strong defense pitching in, the wins are clocking up.

A massive 5-2 win over the Sabres has the fans happy, and they will be seeking another performance at the same level. The Ducks can’t afford too many more defeats like the 4-2 collapse when they faced the Bruins, though.

Montreal Canadiens at Minnesota Wild

The Canadiens have beaten the Wild once already this season with a whitewash 4-0 victory in front of their home crowd.

They have won three and lost four with two defeats in overtime, adding an extra bite. Victor Mete is a joy to watch, and if his performances continue at the same level, the season could be a successful one.

After seven games, the Wild are rock-bottom of the Central Division. Six defeats on the record is looking like trouble, and a turnaround needs to happen before the campaign becomes a complete write-off.

The team had a closed-door meeting after the last game, and hopefully, some of the significant issues with this squad were ironed out. The Wild have to stop conceding goals and start putting a few in of their own.

Final Words

Sunday is going to be one of those days to sit back, relax, and watch the NHL action as it involves. Clear your schedule and get in front of your screen to take it all in.

The odds for these games will vary, leading up to the games, so be sure to check them regularly. Why not make some NHL predictions and try to beat ours, you may win some dollars either way!

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