The Tiger King: If MMA Fighters Were The Tiger King Cast

The pandemic sweeping the globe has had a profound impact on society, but a handful of entities have found resounding success through this terrible period in time. One of these is the blockbuster Netflix docuseries Tiger King, which seems to be on the lips of every man and his dog.The series follows the true crime story of protagonist Joe Exotic, a self-proclaimed ‘gun-toting gay redneck’ and a whole cast of misfits from the underworld of big cat breeding. Bet Today USA found some uncanny comparisons between a handful of MMA fighters and the undesirables that plug the show.Joe Exotic: Conor McGregor

Who else would take the tiger king crown other than the one and only Conor McGregor. Both men have built an empire and are wrapped up in their own respected warped worlds. Joe Exotic and McGregor also share their vision of the world, in that they will not stop until the task at hand is completed.Another trait the two shares are their ability to aggravate foes to an implausible degree. Both men seem to have an arch-rival, Joe Exotics’ nemesis without question is Carole Baskin, while McGregor and Khabib share bad blood. McGregor’s tiger tattoo on his chest is the final nail in the coffin to confirm he is Joe Exotic.Carole Baskin: 

Colby Covington

/Ronda Rousey

Colby Covington has proven he wants to be the villain, the proud American will not stop until he has got what he wants and Baskin has similar traits to the red-blooded brawler. Carole Baskins will get what she wants and will leave a trail of destruction in her path to get it. Covington is a man cut from the same cloth, other than Colby seems to be slightly more vocal in his approach. Both figures have submissive sidekicks by their side which seem to keep the pair grounded to a degree. Ronda Rousey and Carole Baskins are like two peas in a pod. Both women are very aggressive and alluring characters that are used to being at the top of the food chain. Another attribute they share is being underestimated, many have found not to tussle with the pair because they will get the last laugh.Jeff Lowe: Dana White

Jeff Lowe could only be Dana White. Both men have the tendency to ride in to save the day, like a white knight in shining armor. Dana White, in 2001, teamed up with the Fertitta brothers and bought out the UFC franchise saving it from the brink of collapse. Jeff Lowe seemed to do the same thing with the G.W. Zoo at the time, haemorrhaging money into it and rescuing Joe with his ever-building legal costs.  Don Lewis: Paul Kelly

Paul Kelly has all the makings of the acclaimed Don Lewis. Kelly emerged in the world of UFC in 2008 and turned the heads of the fans. The once young prospect was the talk of the sport and had the MMA world at his feet. Kelly’s MMA career came to an astonishing close when the Englishman was jailed in 2013 for 13 years, for heroin trafficking. The story of Don Lewis’ disappearance and Kelly’s life of crime is peppered in controversy and mystery and both share similar stories.Howard Baskin: Travis Browne

Carol Baskin clearly is in the driving seat and Howard just a mere spectator happy to come along for the ride. Travis Browne is the Howard of the MMA, married to superstar Ronda Rousey, the Hawaii native has his wife’s reputation shadowing over his own achievements in the UFC.Kelci “Saff” Saffery: Donald “Cowboy Cerrone”

Kelci Saffery is as loyal as a dog when it comes to animal care and has the battle scars to prove it. In horrific circumstances, the G.W. zookeeper’s arm was torn off by one of the tigers through a cage. Saff was rushed to the hospital with the choice of undergoing reconstructive surgery for two years or amputation. The zookeeper opted for amputation, in a self-made sacrifice to avoid a media circus that would place Joe Exotic in a precarious position. Donald Cerrone was always going to take the war veteran crown. Cerrone is the epitome of a journeyman in the sport of UFC and is near impossible not to like. This is a man who puts his body on the line for the good of the sport. The old gunslinger is a hardened battled veteran, that would first rather throw himself under the bus before Dana White. John Finlay: Diego Sanchez 

John Finlay was Joe Exotic’s first husband of the Tiger King docuseries and seemed happy to just be along for the ride. Finlay looks like the kind of man who could take a beating and shrug it off. As one of the most popular brawlers in the history of the sport, Diego Sanchez is a rare breed of carnage and heart and Finlay is his equal. This man is blessed with the ability to absorb damage and not grunt and moan afterwards.