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MLS Betting | How To Bet On Soccer

The MLS is increasingly becoming one of America’s most exciting and popular competitions, with betting on soccer proving to be one of the best forms of wagering right across the country.

Betting On The MLS

The MLS features twenty-four sides competing over thirty-four matches in either an Eastern or Western Conference league of twelve sides, depending obviously on a side’s geographical position.

Unlike the major leagues in countries such as England, Spain or Germany however, the top seven sides in each Conference are then drawn into a ‘Play Off’ knockout tournament to see who wins the MLS Cup the title of being the best side in the country.

The MLS is one of the up and coming leagues in world football, meaning there has never been a better time to get involved and beat the bookies. Sportsbooks around the country are now setting up round-the-clock pages dedicated to the MLS, meaning punters are becoming increasingly spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the game and provider they want to bet on. As with other sporting leagues and competitions such as the NBA or NFL, punters have the choice of betting on an MLS game as an outright, or in a combination of a few matchups in a soccer parlay. The options and opportunities for MLS fans are endless, with hundreds upon hundreds of the best markets all available now to bet on.

MLS Moneyline

The most traditional form of sports betting, and the form that even the most inexperienced of player will have some experience in, is moneyline. This type of betting has three possible match outcomes to bet on: win, loss or tie, with sportsbooks offering variable stakes depending on strengths, weaknesses and other circumstances (injuries, home advantage etc.) on the sides before the game.

As an example, let’s say that New York City are playing Atlanta United in a top of the table clash. Because they are playing at home and are top of the table going into the game, New York might be priced at -110 and Atlanta at +300. The ‘-’ next to New York’s price makes them the favourites to win, whilst also telling you how much you need to wager in order to generate a $100 profit: a $110 bet at -110 would net a player a $100 profit, in this example.

On the flip side, the ‘+’ marks out the underdog in a match up, whilst simultaneously telling you how much profit a player would make from a $100 bet. Again, using this example, Atlanta’s price at +300 would mean that a $100 bet would yield a healthy $300 profit for any punter backing them. A $10 bet on New York would grant a player $9.10, whereas the same bet on Atlanta would net you $30, showcasing their underdog status.

MLS Prop Bet

If deciding what the final scoreline will be isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other options available for betting on MLS soccer. Prop betting (short for ‘proposition betting’) is a wager that relates to anything within a game but doesn’t necessarily affect the final result e.g. first goalscorer, last goalscorer or anytime goalscorer. If goalscoring isn’t your thing, many sportsbooks now offer great odds and offers on prop bets that revolve around the amount of corner kicks, fouls, yellow cards, amongst plenty others.

MLS Spreads

The MLS regularly averages over three goals a game, making it one of the more popular soccer leagues around the world for spread betting forms of wagering.

Let’s use New York against Atlanta as an example again. As favourites, if you think New York will easily beat Atlanta, you can back them at -1. You would then need New York to win by two clear goals for you to be paid out, but your winnings will be far more profitable if New York go on to score more, netting you more profit. Alternatively, you could back an Atlanta upset at +1 or +2, with the ‘+’ once again showcasing their underdog status.

How To Make Money Betting On Soccer

Betting and wagering on the MLS not only makes the competition a far more interesting and exciting experience to follow, but there is obviously an end goal of turning these bets and wagers into actual winnings. Whilst casual fans might go out of their way to put the odd bet on their favourite side, there are professional bettors active in the sport that follow the competition and its markets so religiously that they make money regularly from it.

Soccer is a volatile game and any seasoned bettor will tell you that you can’t win every single game, however a good level of knowledge on the forms, markets and odds will give you the best possible chance of beating the bookies and maximising your earnings.

How To Bet On Soccer

With more and more sportsbooks now offering competitive odds and markets on soccer and the MLS, it can be hard keeping up to date with the best wagers for you. Fortunately, BetTodayUSA is on hand to supply you with the best offers the second they come up from all the nation’s leading sportsbooks. Be sure to check in with the site to see which one best suits you!

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