ESPN BET's New York Entry: Mobile Sports Betting License

In a significant move, PENN Entertainment has acquired Wynn Interactive Holdings' mobile sports betting license in New York for $25 million.

ESPN BET is poised to impact the North American market significantly as the newest entrant in the biggest regulated online sports betting sector.

Bringing ESPN to the Empire State

PENN Entertainment, the parent company of ESPN BET, aims to leverage its partnership with ESPN to make a strong entry into New York's sports betting market. Since Wynn Interactive revealed its plans to leave the online sports betting scene in various jurisdictions, they have decided to reinvest its resources into its original casino business.

ESPN BET has been operational since November 2023 in 16 other states but is yet to expand to New York, the most significant legal sports betting market in the U.S. The acquisition of Wynn's license will give ESPN BET the necessary market access and regulatory approvals required to operate in New York.

Challenges Ahead

Despite being one of the leading names in online sports betting, ESPN BET will face stiff competition in New York from industry giants like DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, and Caesars. These companies have spent heavily on marketing and promotions to attract customers.

PENN Entertainment's entry into the New York market is a strategic move aimed at increasing its presence and revenue in the lucrative online sports betting industry. ESPN BET will need to invest heavily in marketing and customer acquisition to compete with the established players in the market.

The company has a strong brand and partnership with ESPN, which could give it an edge in attracting customers.

The Impact on PENN's Financials

The acquisition of Wynn's license comes with additional costs for PENN Entertainment, including the $25 million purchase price and ongoing regulatory fees. Additionally, ESPN BET must invest in marketing and customer acquisition to build a strong presence in New York.

These expenses could impact PENN's financial performance in the short term but are expected to pay off in the long run as the company grows its market share and revenue.

Future Plans

ESPN BET's entry into New York is just the beginning. The company intends to expand further into other regulated online sports betting markets across the U.S.

With a strong brand, strategic partnerships, and a focus on customer experience, ESPN BET aims to become a big player in the online world of sports betting. The acquisition of Wynn's mobile sports betting license in New York marks an exciting milestone for PENN Entertainment and ESPN BET.

The company is poised to enter one of the industry's most competitive and lucrative markets, and only time will tell how successful its entry will be.

About PENN Entertainment

At NASDAQ: PENN, also known as PENN Entertainment, they excel in supplying complete entertainment packages, sports data, and casino gaming enjoyment.

Spanning over twenty states, the company is responsible for managing several casinos or resorts branded as Hollywood Casino®, L'Auberge®, or ESPN BET™. ESPN struck a deal with PENN in August 2023, making PENN the sole online sports betting partner for ESPN's digital media.


ESPN BET is the sports betting platform of PENN Entertainment and leverages ESPN's leading media brands and extensive sports content to offer a unique and engaging betting experience.

The platform is operational in 17 states and aims to expand into more markets.